Commitment to Cleanliness

At our esthetics institute we’re committed to quality in both the salon environment and with the products we use, so that you can fully relax.

At Tru Spa Aesthetics Institute, you can relax knowing that you are in good hands. We’re committed to the highest standards of hygiene in both the salon environment that we offer and in the products we use. We take every precaution to ensure a sterile salon environment that prevents virus and fungal infections or contamination. All students who provide client services have been fully trained in the proper use and handling of salon products, tools, and chemical disinfectants.

Keyano Products:

Health and beauty result from a complex interaction of physical, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Keyano is proud of the years of research that went into the development of their products. Today’s well educated and informed salon and spa clients want products that not only have pleasant fragrances, but are also contain natural therapeutic healing properties. Each Keyano collection is carefully formulated using the principles of naturopathy and contain only the most powerful, finest ingredients available.

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