Posted on March 29, 2018

About Tru Spa Institute of Esthetics: The students in our esthetics program offer a full range of waxing services in our Nanaimo spa environment! Clients love coming to us because they get a wonderful service at an amazing price, and help our students get the experience they need to grow their careers.

Considering booking your first waxing appointment with us at Tru Spa? We’re so glad that you’re here! As with almost anything, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. And when it comes to waxing, we mean it literally – just a few small steps taken beforehand can actually make your appointment less painful! Many people also don’t realize that what you do before your appointment can make a HUGE difference in the results you get from your waxing appointment.

Here’s 8 awesome tips you can use to make sure that you’re as ready as possible for your waxing appointment!

  1. We can’t say it enough – let it grow, let it grow! We know how you feel – we don’t like stubble either! And it can be annoying to have to wait for it to become more and more noticeable. However, be patient! You will want to wait until your hair is about ¼ inch long. Now, the wax will have more to stick to, making the experience more effective and less painful.
  2. Give your skin a good once-over to check for irritations. You will want to see if you have any cuts and bruises – even a tiny razor nick can become hugely irritated by waxing! Treat any rashes or sunburns until they have completely healed. When your skin is in a delicate state of healing, waxing can cause it to tear – yikes! If you are prone to acne breakouts in a certain area, you should avoid waxing. We know, it’s not what you want to hear, but you will likely not achieve a good result.
  3. Take the time for a little extra love and care. Give your skin a break from the sun! Time in the sun will make your skin more sensitive and prone to becoming irritated. Avoid tanning in the week before your appointment – if you must, be sure to slather on ample amounts of an SPF 50+ sunscreen! As well, pamper your skin with a nice cleansing scrub with a gentle exfoliant in the days leading up to your appointment. You’ll remove dead skin – because you want the wax to stick to your hairs, not dead flakes! It can also reduce the chance of getting ingrown hairs afterward.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – your skin and your body. When you have dry skin, the hairs are more difficult to remove, which means more pain! Massage in a nice water-based, oil-free moisturizer before your appointment. Oil-based moisturizers (like coconut oil) – while great for waxing aftercare – will prevent the wax from sticking to the hairs. We’re sure you hear this everywhere, but it’s because it’s so important – drink plenty of water! Drinking more water helps to keep your skin hydrated and reduce the chance of a rash developing. The day of your appointment, take a warm bath for a soothing burst of hydration. Just watch the temperature, as a bath that’s too hot will only dry you out more!
  5. Sensitive to pain? Take a pill & avoid certain times of the month. If you know that you don’t deal well with pain, just the thought may even be making you tense! We want your experience to be as pain-free as possible -there’s no reason for you to be in unnecessary pain! An anti-inflammatory (such as ibuprofen) can help reduce any swelling you may experience afterward. Also, an important tip for the ladies: did you know you will likely be even more sensitive if you are on your menstrual cycle? Good to know so you can try to schedule appointments around your cycle!
  6. Avoid waxing shortly before a special occasion. Even those who have been waxed many times will have some redness and irritation right after. Skin can also react differently appointment to appointment. If you have never waxed before, this is definitely not the best idea! You have no idea how your skin is going to react, no matter how prepared you are.
  7. Can your skin handle it? Get an expert opinion. Speaking a bit to the point above, you never know what waxing will do to your skin. Taking to your doctor or a dermatologist is a great idea! You may even want to have an allergy patch test to determine if you have any allergies you didn’t know about. If you are on any medications, consulting with your health professional is so important! Certain medications can cause extra sensitivity – or even be dangerous!
  8. Have a good chat with your esthetician! Your esthetician is here to help! Let them know any concerns and ask questions – our job is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We take into account any allergies, skin conditions, or sensitivities to chemicals or fragrances to choose the right type of wax for your skin type. Our services are provided by students who have a fresh well of knowledge to share – and if they don’t have the answer, we always have our certified instructors on site!

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