Posted on September 19, 2016

There are more reasons to get your nails done by one of our Nail Technician Students than just getting a price break. Not only will you be helping a student gain valuable experience as they build their confidence, but you will be getting a professional application by somebody that is caring, considerate and that is paying attention to the smallest details.

Our students apply gel-polishes, gel over-laying services and gel-manicures with a high degree of professionalism, under the most sanitary conditions, to the highest standards. They are taught how to apply a high shine manicure or polish that will not crack, peel or chip prematurely. We use LED curing to harden the gel after the polish, manicure or gel-overlay is finished. The residual layer is removed with a high concentrate alcohol, then the process is finished off by applying a small amount of oil over each finger, to nourish, protect and remineralize your skin and cuticle.

Tru Spa are able to remove acrylic nails and then apply gel nails in their place. The pros of gel nails are that they are often perceived as more natural looking, they feel softer and more comfortable and can be easily removed with little or no damage to the natural nail. They hold their lustre for weeks at a time, much longer then typical nail polish, and have a glossier finish. They cure very quickly, (often in seconds with LED light-curing), and the entire process is odourless.

In the upcoming weeks we will ¬†review more details about our nail technician program, as well as review some of the details about our nail artistry program. If you’d like¬†more information or wish to book your next appointment, please get in touch with our friendly staff.

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