Posted on May 30, 2016

As we begin to anticipate the arrival of our new summer students, we encourage anybody that is considering a new career as an Aesthetician on Vancouver Island to review the curriculum that we have planned for the June 20, 2016  semester,  Our students learn to perform Salon and Spa services to the highest standards offered in the entire industry. You will graduate ready to begin practicing a busy and rewarding career.

Our Advanced Nail Artistry Technician Program will prepare you in every aspect of  professional nail application. Using the highest quality products available in the industry,  you will work with real clients and full time instructors as you become an expert. To learn more about our Nail Tech School Program click here.

Our Complete Aesthetics Technician Program will qualify you to work in any Salon or Spa as a fully accredited Aesthetician.  We begin with the basics of product and service sales,  take you through infection control and decontamination,  continue into general anatomy and physiology, hand foot and nail care,  muscle bone and nerve structure, massage technique and then body care and hair removal. This program is very comprehensive. To learn more about the course,  when it begins and how to enrol in this Aesthetician Training Program ,  click here.

Our Aesthetic and TruSpa Essentials Program teaches you aesthetic and gel nail certification, body wraps, hot stone and full body massage and includes hair removal and exfoliation technique. Learn more about our Vancouver Island Aesthetician Training by clicking here.

We are confident in your ability to get into the industry, in a timely manner, with assistance from our team. This is a part of our added commitment to our students. Please click here to contact us if you would like more information,  or call directly at (250) 754- 8637 if you would like to speak with somebody about enrolment in our upcoming June 20, 2016 semester.

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